Fouad WhatsApp APK 8.26 Download Latest Version Free 2020

Fouad WhatsApp APK is a modified Android application of WhatsApp, here you will get the complete direct download link, features, and complete installation procedure.

Want to run multiple WhatsApp accounts but don’t want to buy another phone?  Or maybe you want an upgraded version with more customizations and extra features? Now, you can do that. With apps such as Fouad Whatsapp APK, you can have more than one WhatsApp account registered on one mobile phone. You will also be able to enjoy its many specifications that the regular WhatsApp messaging app doesn’t provide. All you have to do is search this app ‘Fouad Whatsapp APK’ and download it on your smartphone. In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about this app.

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version

What is Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified Android application of WhatsApp, developed by Fouad Mokdad, who is one of the best developers of the APK in the current situation. Fouad WhatsApp is better than other MOD because it’s a lightweight app, better theme, and many other features.

It is especially a material designed mod of WhatsApp, that has tons of amazing features just like the theme, customization, privacy, styles, app lock, chat lock.

Fouad WhatsApp APK is similar to YoWhatsApp. Therefore, you will get lots of features like YoWhatsApp. This app comes with Emoji Variant and without Emoji Variant.

But the drawback of Fouad WhatsApp is, it doesn’t work in some Samsung devices, therefore developer Fouad Mokdad created another mod which name is FMWhatsApp.

Fouad Whatsapp APK 8.26 Brief Info

Name Fouad WhatsApp
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Latest Version 8.26
Last Updated April 1,  2020
Requires Android 4.0+
Size 30 to 44 MB
Website Fouad Whatsapp
Follow Telegram


Fouad WhatsApp Features

  • Customization: With a store for themes, you can now choose the look and feel of your WhatsApp home. You can even select different filters for your photos and change app icons.
  • Greater Privacy: You can choose who can call you and block anyone you don’t want contacting you on WhatsApp. Also, you can hide it when you are typing, last online, blue ticks and even second ticks.
  • Support for any file extension: You can send and receive jpg, png, zip, APK, etc. with Fouad WhatsApp.
  • More options: You can text anyone without needing to save them in your contacts first. Just open the app and directly message the number. You can pin up to 100 convos of your WhatsApp home screen as well.
  • Full HD photos: No need to suffer from low-quality pictures. You can send photos without compromising on its quality.
  • Dual accounts: Now you can enjoy more than one WhatsApp account on a single phone. Run WhatsApp along with Fouad WhatsApp on your phone. This becomes useful if you want to have separate WhatsApp accounts for work and personal use. You can use one account for your work or business contacts and the second for friends and family.

Pros of Fouad WhatsApp

  • Tons of new features such as call blocking, direct messaging without saving the number, HD pictures, etc. which you do not get on the regular WhatsApp.
  • You can customize with themes and app launcher icons, as well as fonts to make your WhatsApp look unique and add a personal touch.
  • Double WhatsApp accounts: You can use your regular WhatsApp along with Fouad WhatsApp for your dual sim smartphone.

Cons of Fouad WhatsApp

  • It needs to be regularly updated. Whenever a new version is uploaded, you must download it and update your app. Otherwise, Fouad Whatsapp will not work anymore.
  • It is not available on the official App Store. It is not available on the Google Play App Store for Android. You need to get the APK from another source on the Internet.
  • No support for IOS yet. This app is just for android users, and so iPhone users cannot avail this cool app as of now.

Fouad Whatsapp 8.26 Changelog

  • Version 8.26• [Exclusive] Click to Mark Status as Viewed!
    • [[Added]] Go To First Message in Chats
    • [Added] Option to Enable 5-min status/story
    • [Added] Option to Increase forward limit to 250! (instead of 5)
    • [Added] Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 100 days!
    • [Fixed] Hidden chats calls visible in Calls tab
    • [Fixed] Live Location
    • [Fixed] Restore messages
    • [Fixed] “Mark as Seen” and saving incorrect status/story
    • [Fixed] Black ticks instead of blue on some phones
    • [Fixed] Bouncing/flicker text in home screen
    • [Fixed] Old emojis has missing emojis
    • [Fixed] Text Status not showing font style
    • [Fixed] IG Statuses style crash
    • [Fixed] IG Statuses style image background issue
    • [Base] 2.19.291
    • More bug fixes and improvements!

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK 8.26 Direct

Go to Download Link

How to Install Fouad Whatsapp APK 8.26 in Android Device

  • Fouad WhatsApp is not available on the official app stores that’s why download from our website.
  • Download the APK and install it on your phone.

  • Verify your phone number.

  • You will need to register with your phone number if you are a new user. You will get an OTP which you need to put in the app. After that, you can choose your name, display picture, and status.
  • Now, you are ready to go. Enjoy your new and better WhatsApp.

How to Install Fouad Whatsapp APK 8.26 in PC

You can enjoy this app on your laptop or personal computer as well. Just follow these steps.

  • Download an app Bluestacks for your laptop. This app is an android emulator and so helps you to run android apps on your PC.
  • Install Bluestacks after downloading and run it.
  • Visit on the browser on our website
  • Download APK from Download button
  • Install and run Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Input your phone number and complete the process of registration.
  • That’s it! Send and receive WhatsApp messages on your laptop or PC as well now.


You will get a notification whenever a new version of Fouad WhatsApp comes out. So download the latest version and update your app. It is a must-to-do because otherwise, your app will not work after a few days. Just keep it up-to-date. And with every new update, you will also get new features, and the glitches on the app will be taken care of.

Important reminder: Before installing a new version, be sure to back up your old chat messages. It is essential to do this step if you have important information in your chat data. After you do that, you can quickly restore your previous chat data in the updated version of the app.

Safety of Fouad WhatsApp

Many people have doubts about whether installing this app will be safe for their phones. But rest assured, it is entirely secure. Your smartphone will not face any virus issues if you install this app.

Fouad WhatsApp FAQs

Q: Is Fouad Whatsapp safe?

Ans: Yes, Fouad WhatsApp is completely safe and secure, the developer uses official WhatsApp source code to modify the app and to add more features. Fouad WhatsApp uses the official version server to send and receive messages that’s why it’s completely safe. But we advise you, use both official and Fouad WhatsApp with different numbers.

Q: How to use Fouad Whatsapp?

Ans: This app is the same as the official version, download APK file and install and use the same as an official with more features.

Q: How to install Fouad Whatsapp?

Ans: We have written a complete guide on installation, check and follow steps.

Q: How to update Fouad Whatsapp?

Ans: Fouad WhatsApp is a MOD, that’s why it’s not available on Google Play Store so you get update also from our website, for notification follow us on Telegram Channel.

Q: Is Fouad Whatsapp available for iOS?

Ans: No, Fouad WhatsApp is only compatible with Android devices.

Q: Is it possible to use WhatsApp along with Fouad WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, we can use both apps at once because this app has a different package name other than official WhatsApp, but we need different numbers to use both WhatsApp.

Q: Is it necessary to root a device to operate Fouad WA?

Ans: No, you can use it in the unrooted device, you don’t need to root your device.

Q: What are the difference between WhatsApp and Fouad Whatsapp?

Ans: WhatsApp is an official app which is used to communicate with your contacts via the internet. Fouad WhatsApp is an advanced version of WhatsApp with lots of more features such as Privacy, Sending Limits, and much more.


You can see that compared to WhatsApp, we get a whole host of new and improved features on Fouad Whatsapp APK. Compared to other alternate apps for WhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp offers a more premium and smooth interface. So, go ahead and upgrade to the better messaging app.

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